About Us

About Us

The Cradle of Fine Arts in Taiwan

The Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), was founded in August 1947.Many famous artists had been associated with the Department, including Liao Chi-chun, Chen Huei-kun, Pu Hsin-yu, Huang Jun-bi, Chang Yi-shiung, Chu Teh-chun, Li Shih-chiao, Chin Chin-po, Sun Chia-chin, Lin Yu-shan, Sun To-tzu, etc. The Department has a pioneering role in early Taiwan art education and continues to nurture the talents of contemporary arts.

Since its inception, the Department has dedicated to train art professionals, promoting local aesthetic education and furthering the careers of Taiwanese art and artists on the international scene.

The Department continues to develop a balanced and comprehensive programme, bridging traditional cultures and current international trends with an all-inclusive approach to the arts. The Department aims to lead art professional to be better equipped by combining a solid foundation of academic tradition with an innovative vision.

In response to economic growth and the changing demands of society, the Department has complete a system of undergraduate, M.A., M.F.A., and Ph. D. programmes. Teaching from the foundation of field practice to theoretical construction of interdisciplinary research and specialization is aim of design of our curriculum. The programme expanded unites as following:

Degree Programs

Undergraduate Programme

  • Chinese Painting
  • Western Painting

M.A. Programme | M.F.A Program

  • Chinese Painting
  • Western Painting
  • Art Education and Art Administration
  • Art History and Theory

Ph. D. Program

  • Art Creation and Theory Stream
    • Ink Painting
    • Painting
    • Technology of Art Restoration and Conservation
  • Art Education Stream and Art Administration and Management Stream
  • Art Theory Stream
    • Oriental Art History
    • Occidental Art History
    • Art Criticism
    • New Media Arts and Technology and Art Direction

Part-Time Graduate Program(for Taiwanese students)

  • Chinese Painting
  • Western Painting
  • Art Administration and Management