The Department aims to nurture artistic talents as professional artists, art educators, art administrators, art researchers, and other art-related professions. The programme strives to achieve this objective in the following ways:

  1. Emphasizing on both studio practice and art theory
  2. Focusing on professional training of high school art teachers
  3. Strengthening art studies to train up researchers or teachers for higher education
  4. Bridging academic and industrial experiences to equip students with the knowledge demanded by the cultural and creative industries

Outline of BA Course Structure:

  1. Art Theory, Art Education and Art Administration
    Art History, Aesthetics, Visual Culture, Art Criticism, Science of Art, Contemporary Art, Art Education, Art Administration, Curatorial studies, Gallery Internship, etc.
  2. Art Creation and Studio Practice
    1. Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Fundamentals of Ink Painting, Seal Cutting, Glue Color Painting
    2. Painting and Mixed Media
      Oil Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Mixed Media
    3. 3D Plastic Art
      Sculpture, Ceramic Art, Lacquer Painting
    4. Media Art
      Media and Technology, Multi-Media Production, Technology and Art

Outline of Course Structure:

Outline of Course Structure: